Chalimongela Rural Health Post


The Chalimongela Rural Health Post is located in Zimba District, 200km from Livingstone hospital. The nearest doctor is 135km away at Zimba Hospital. The health centre serves a population of 6,000 across a large catchment area, some villages over 40km from with no means of transport.

The post is staffed by 2 nurses and a Community Health Assistant. The team offer monthly outreach services to communities and diagnose and treat patients who visit the health post.

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Biggest challenges at the health post

Due to its remote nature, and poor facilities, the health post and surrounding communities face the following key challenges

  • Poor infrastructure

The facility has poor sanitation facilities. For expectant mothers, no shelter is available. They have a limited number of consultation rooms, and no running water.

  • No power

As a result has no lighting, and very limited medical equipment

  • Limited availability of medication
  • Understaffed

Due to the large catchment area

  • Poor access to water and sanitation in rural communities

 Majority of households in Chalimongela are collecting drinking water from an unprotected source. Causing health implications such as diarrhoea, stomach pains and bilharzia. These health issues are extremely prominent in these communities

  • Transport Links

 Chalimongela Rural Health Post catchment area is 40km, these communities do not have reliable transportation links to reach the post. The Rural Health post has a motorbike, but can only use this for outreach services linked to TB and HIV due to restrictions placed by the donor.

  • Most common health issues

Diarrhoea, Respiratory, Musco-skeletal, Skin, Dental

Our role

On Call Africa works with the Rural Health Post to identify its biggest challenges and assess needs both at the facility, and within the communities in it’s catchment area. We place volunteer doctors in the facility, where they work alongside existing nurses and Community Health Workers offering diagnosis and treatment, and supporting outreach activities, while conducting assessments, mapping and developing clear implementation plans for On Call Africa, Ministry of Health and partners to take forward. We also work with partners to deliver public health interventions that meet the individual health needs of each community.

On Call Africa have trained 7 Community Health Workers from within these communities to strengthen the existing health systems. Ensuring patients have access to medical advice, and referrals when needed. The Community Health Workers have been provided bicycles to enable them to carry out home visits for sparsely populated communities.

In 2021 we will be providing the facility with solar power, and enabling the pumping of water from the existing bore hole, into the health facility. We are also working with partner organisations to develop programmes to provide telemedicine to the health facility, and address poor water and sanitation, as well as transport links within the catchment area.

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