Claire Davis

Clare head shot
What’s your role?

Fundraising Manager. I’m in charge of making sure that we generate enough income through community groups, individuals, schools, and corporations. In fact, anyone, who’d like to donate!

What’s been your biggest achievement at On Call Africa so far?

Thanks to the support of our incredible donors, I was able to run a successful ‘BIG Give’ campaign just before Christmas. We raised £10,000.

What made you decide to work for On Call Africa?

I was keen to work for a small organisation where you could really see the difference you were making.

Why should someone give up their time to volunteer for On Call Africa?

You get a lot out of diving into another culture and seeing your knowledge benefit others. Plus, we have an amazing team to help you make the most of your experience while you’re here.

What’s your biggest challenge for the year ahead?

Covid-19 is having a massive impact across the charity sector, plus, it changes all time. We have to constantly review what we’re doing, and adjust our fundraising strategy. It’s a real challenge.

The medical clinics and training you provide sound incredible – tell me more!

I love projects that empower people to support themselves. That’s why my favourite area of our work is Community Health Worker training. The people who complete their training are able to diagnose and treat common illnesses. And they’re so proud to be able to support their community. We aim to increase capacity so that we can reach more communities. That way more people can have access to basic health care.

Tell me something about you that no one else knows…

My secret dream, is to write a ‘Hallmark’ Christmas movie script.

Have you got any tips on Zambia for future volunteers?

I haven’t visited Zambia – yet. Can’t wait to see our work in action!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love to go to the theatre, I’m a big musical theatre fan.

Why should we support On Call Africa?

The work they do in rural Zambian communities is well-devised and sustainable. The support you give today, lasts a lifetime.

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