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“The highlight of training for us was during a clinic based at Chalimongela clinic in Zimba district. All 7 Community Health Workers, who had keenly attended all the clinics in other locations during the week, had their own consulting table and were able to assess patients solo and perform the relevant tests leaving the 3 On Call Africa Doctors to move between them and discuss management plans and offer treatment plans. We were very proud trainers indeed!”

Volunteer Doctor

Every year our clinical volunteers help us to build capacity of rural health facilities, train Community Health Workers, develop quality improvement plans for rural health facilities, and support health promotion programmes. All of this would not be possible without the expertise and support of our volunteers.

Currently we are involved with quality improvement projects, reviewing resources we use to deliver medical care, provide training and raise health awareness messages. On top of this we are utilising technical knowledge to change the way we use digital technology share data and manage finances, as well as supporting the Ministry of Health with the development of public health intervention plans, national guidelines and policies.

Volunteers that support our quality improvement projects (QIP) are called QI Champions and you can find out more about the role by downloading a Quality Improvement (QI) Champion/Lead role description.

Whilst these are key areas of focus, we’d still love to hear from you if you’d like to support On Call Africa in other ways. Our team is small and we very rarely say no to anyone who wants to give a helping hand…

You can find out about one of the many communities that we work in here and the difference you can make. 


“Our Volunteer scheme offers the chance to make a real difference to people with access to virtually no other health services. As a small organisation with tight links to the local health authorities, there is scope for volunteers to be proactive and drive improvements on how things are done”.

Malcolm, Trustee

Chalimongela Rural Health Centre

A typical Rural Health Centre in Zambia does not have any doctors, and relies instead on Clinical Officers, Environmental Health Technicians, Nurses, Midwives and Community Health Assistants to provide healthcare, and to make referrals into regional hospitals when doctors are needed. Chalimongela is 200km from the regional hospital in Livingstone, and poor roads mean that those who do have access to transport are at least 6 hours from the hospital. The health centre is significantly understaffed and under resourced, with just 2 nurses, and 1 Community Health Assistant, providing healthcare to a population of 6,000 people, over a wide catchment area, with some communities as far as 30km from the health centre. To put this in context the UK has 1 doctor to every 350 people.

The communities in this area are characterised by poor transport links, poor access to water and sanitation, low levels of health literacy, poor access to health promoting facilities and infrastructure, and high levels of poverty. At the health centre there is no power, and no running water, and births are attended to by nurses holding torches at night.


Chalimongela is 1 of 3 Rural Health Centres that On Call Africa partnered with in 2019/2020 to improve access to healthcare through the delivery of mobile clinics, and the training of Community Health Workers. We also addressed the underlying causes of poor health by running targeted programmes to improve health behaviours.

Volunteer with us today and change the lives of those with access to poor health care in rural Zambia. Download our application form by clicking here.