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Like many organisations, our work and the launch of our new strategy was disrupted in 2019/2020 by COVID-19. In March 2020 we paused the direct delivery of our services, due to the risk of spreading the virus to vulnerable groups as we move from urban to rural areas.

Here are the activities delivered between July 2019 and March 2020. As well as information on the extensive work carried out to support the national, regional and local response to Covid-19.

Activities July 2019 to June 2020:

  • 2586 patient consultations took place
  • Health promotion delivered to 1853 on identified needs
  • Supported the development of national Community Health Worker guidelines for Covid-19


  • Developed national protocols for the continuation of TB services
  • 15 new and 9 existing CHWs received training
  • During our time in Zambia at the end of 2019  we were impressed to see the trained CHW in action in their villages, not only assisting in our mobile clinics but in between identifying sick patients and referring to the Rural Health Clinics, diagnosing patients with potential malaria and HIV, following up child with malnutrition and those needing further dressings eg after burns. They are a great resource providing regular health education to their communities with respect to clean water, contraception, malaria prevention for example.

    The highlight of training for us was during a clinic based at Chalimongela clinic in the Mapatazia district. All 7 CHWs, who had keenly attended all the clinics in other locations during the week, had their own consulting table and were able to assess patients solo and perform the relevant tests leaving the 3 OCA Drs to move between them and discuss management plans and offer treatment plans. We were very proud trainers indeed!

    Fiona Moore OCA volunteer Sept – Dec 2019

  • 15 CHWs received buffalo bikes to enable them to carry out home visits
  • Covid-19 response
  • Worked with partners to deliver Covid-19 community sensitisation, and donated PPE, handwashing facilities, oxygen concentrators and medical equipment to support Covid-19 response

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